BATOD (British Association of Teachers of the Deaf)

BATOD is a not-for-profit, professional association. The membership includes two thirds of all qualifed Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs) across the UK.

BATOD promotes excellence in deaf education - providing specialist professional support for Teachers of the Deaf to develop the communication skills of deaf children and support their education by providing advice and information to families, professional specialist colleagues and mainstream teachers.

Strong links are maintained between BATOD, Government and voluntary agencies, including NDCS and NatSIP, to contribute to policy development in this field.

BATOD is consulted on matters related to deafness by bodies such as DfE, Ofqual etc GTC, TDA (national impact),

BATOD is a key member of NatSIP (The National Sensory Impaired Partnership) working on various aspects communication related to all types of outcome including social and emotional ones.

The (mandatory) training of Teachers of the Deaf ensures that they have a deep understanding of all aspects of speech and language development which is a key element of their work with children and young people with hearing impairment

A regular Magazine is produced to share good practice and this is supported by the BATOD website

BATOD is committed to the earliest identification and intervention to ensure the best outcomes for deaf children and young people.

BATOD works collaboratively with other professionals eg S<s and voluntary organisations

BATOD strives to ensure equality of provision for deaf children and young people across the UK

BATOD’s work also promotes increasing public awareness of the challenges faced by deaf children giving expert advice to teachers, other professionals, parents and families providing assessments for deaf children so that their families know what support will meet their needs developing the skills, knowledge and expertise of those working with deaf children campaigning to ensure deaf children and families get a better deal.