Chailey Heritage Foundation

Chailey Heritage Foundation is a national charity providing education and care services for children and young adults with complex physical disabilities and health needs. The charity encompasses Chailey Heritage School and Chailey Heritage Residential for children and young people aged 3-19. It also provides residential services to adults aged 19 and upwards, Futures@Chailey Heritage, which includes a state-of-the-art leisure and life skills facility (also open to those with disabilities in the wider community).

The Foundation shares its site with Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Trust, creating multi-disciplinary teams of expert teachers, support staff, therapists and medical professionals all working together to support the children, young adults and their families.

At Chailey Heritage Foundation, every young person has communication difficulties. The vast majority are ‘non-verbal’. All of our young people have additional or augmentative communication methods, from sensory cues for our deaf-blind children, through low-tech picture, object or symbol systems, right through to high-tech VOCAs using switch, touch or eye gaze access.