Ewing Foundation

The Ewing Foundation, established in 1952, supports professionals working with deaf learners in a variety of settings. We promote an auditory-oral approach to communication, encouraging the use of appropriate technology to help deaf children to develop listening and speech.

Our Specialist Audiology Technicians provide advice, training and support in the use of personal and environmental aids; they have long-term contracts with several local authorities to check, maintain and repair this equipment.

Our Education Consultants provide training and support to Teachers of the Deaf and mainstream professionals. We assist with drafting policy documents, classroom strategies and assessments, and contribute to post-graduate courses for trainee Teachers of the Deaf.

We run a BTEC Advanced Award for Audiology Technicians in Educational Settings and offer training days on various themes such as listening and learning, teaching literacy or grammar to deaf children. We are represented on several multi-agency working groups and committees such as BATOD, CRIDE and NatSIP.

We act as a ‘critical friend’ to a number of manufacturers and sensory support services, with the aim of ensuring optimal outcomes for deaf learners.

The Ewing Foundation has two ‘sister’ charities: the Burwood Park Foundation, which supports professionals working with deaf learners with additional needs (especially autism) and the Ovingdean hall foundation which provides grants and bursaries for various projects seeking to improve provision for deaf learners.