Action for Stammering Children including The Michael Palin Centre

The Centre provides a specialist assessment, therapy and advice service to children and teenagers who stammer, and their families.

Young people aged 2-18 may be referred to the Centre by their local speech and language therapist or their GP from any part of the UK. Each youngster is invited to attend at the Centre for an individual specialist assessment of their fluency problems. They attend with both parents (where appropriate) and their local speech and language therapist. This assessment is charitably funded.

A specialist therapy programme is drawn up to suit each youngster’s individual needs. Where possible this is carried out by the child’s therapist in the local clinic. In more complex cases or where local resources are not available, therapy may be recommended at the Michael Palin Centre. This may be on an individual or a group basis. Therapy is normally funded by the young person’s PCT.

The Centre also provides a full training programme for speech and language therapists. These are charitably subsidised in order to keep charges at a minimum. There is also a full research programme which investigates the causes and evaluates the treatment of stammering.