British Stammering Association

The British Stammering Association is the national charity supporting all whose lives are affected by stammering.

We do this through our dedicated information and support service with a helpline staffed almost entirely by people who stammer (0845 603 2001). In addition, our website ( is probably the most comprehensive resource of its kind.

Specific information and detailed strategies on how education and school staff can support a child who stammers can be found on a dedicated site at

In addition, BSA is engaged in supporting self-help, through supporting independent self-help groups, through spreading information about stammering and therapies via our magazine, our website, Open Days etc, and by breaking through the social isolation that many people who stammer often face through events such as our National Conference, or our Facebook page.

BSA actively seeks to create resources that inform, raise awareness and develop useful strategies for people who stammer and those who support them. Our education work, and our work in early intervention are of particular note. We are currently working on a self-management tool for adults who stammer, an ‘Expert Parent’ project which will give all parents the necessary information to get the best support for their children who stammer at school and are planning for specialised information on how to gain, and succeed in, employment.