I CAN is the children’s communication charity.

I CAN's mission is to ensure no child who struggles to communicate is left out or left behind.

Our vision is a world where all children and young people who struggle to communicate receive the help they need so that they can have a happy childhood, make progress at school and thrive as adults.

We do this through:

Information - We give expert information and advice to parents and people who work with children so they understand the symptoms and know where to go for help.

Consultancy - We help schools, nurseries and local authorities improve support for children with speech, language and communication needs.

Schools - We run two specialist schools, both of which are highly rated by Ofsted, for children aged 5-19 with communication difficulties. These schools provide high quality care, education and therapy to help pupils learn and grow into confident and independent young people.

Awareness raising and campaigning - We raise awareness of the fundamental importance of communication skills for positive outcomes for children, and we campaign to ensure the voices of children and families with difficulties are heard.

Training and outreach - We train staff in nurseries and schools so they can better identify, support and intervene with children who are struggling.

Assessments - We run independent assessment services which help families understand their child’s specific communication difficulties and the type of support they need to progress at school.

Partnerships - I CAN is a founder member of The Communication Trust, and works with the Trust and other members of the consortium to improve understanding of speech, language and communication.

We also work closely with agencies in health, education and the community to deliver services and support to children.