Puzzle Centre

The Puzzle Centre has been providing high quality specialised early intervention for preschool aged children with communication and autism spectrum disorders since 2001.

We aim to improve the lives of these children and those around them through research, education, outreach support and training and by raising awareness on a local and national level.

All of our pupils have significant difficulties in communicating and interacting with the world around them.

The combined expertise of specialist teachers and speech and language therapists is used to deliver a communication focused early years curriculum. We work very closely with families and with practitioners to ensure the needs of our children are fully addressed. Puzzle is used as an exemplar of good practice in autism education and keeps abreast of research and practice in this field. We received our second ‘outstanding’ judgment from OFSTED in November 2010.

We have delivered training courses and given presentations across the UK about meeting the needs of young children with autism. In 2010 we hosted a national conference entitled ‘Autism in the Early Years – what is good practice?’ with a keynote presentation from Professor Tony Charman, Chair of Autism Education at the Institute of Education. The conference was chaired by our patron, John Bercow MP, who has been a keen supporter of Puzzle over the last 10 years.
Our expert staff team work closely with other settings to help them to meet the needs of children with social communication difficulties. We also work very closely with parents and provide training workshops each term for our families to attend.

Our intervention is geared to helping children integrate successfully within mainstream settings whenever appropriate.