A number of recent Ofsted reports note that a common feature of the most successful schools surveyed was the attention they gave to developing speaking and listening

Outputs of the Communication Council

On this page you will find relevant outputs from The Communication Council on key policy issues for SLCN.

  • Briefing paper - The links between children and young people's speech, language and communication needs and social disadvantage
    July 2015

This briefing provides an overview of the relationship between speech, language and communication needs and social disadvantage, and its impact on the education, health and wellbeing of children and young people. It also highlights some of the evidence around 'what works' in terms of supporting children with SLCN from disadvantaged backgrounds and outlines some policy and practice recommendations from the Council in relation to this topic. You can access the briefing here.

  • Briefing paper- Children and young people's speech, language and communication needs- an introduction for health audiences
    September 2014

To support all health audiences, and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and Health and Wellbeing Boards specifically, to get a better understanding of SLCN, its prevalence and impact for children and young people, the Council has produced a short briefing paper. This is available to access here.
This paper has been referenced in guidance from The Department of Health to Health and Wellbeing Boards on children and young people with SEN and complex needs. You can find that paper here.

  • Report- Implementing the SEND reforms- Joint commissioning for children and young people with SLCN
    June 2014

Based on the key messages from the Council seminar and together with additional background material around the 2014 SEND Reforms, the Council worked with Better Communication CIC to produce a report to provide readers with practical information regarding commissioning for SLCN services within the context of implementing the SEND Reforms. This is available as a free PDF to download here.

  • Seminar- Commissioning through the prism of speech, language and communication needs
    February 2014

 In February 2014 the Council facilitated a seminar for commissioners exploring joint commissioning for children and young people with SLCN. The seminar provided expert keynote speeches, best practice sharing opportunities as well as three interactive workshops based around the commissioning cycle. Materials from the seminar including all PowerPoint presentations are available on here.