Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems

Language Leaders

Language Leaders

Language Leaders is the Communication Trust's new network for headteachers, deputy heads and other senior leaders who spread the word about speech language and communication within their own schools and across their networks.

In addition to receiving quarterly newsletters with relevant news and policy updates, Language Leaders also have access to a dedicated webpage, which is regularly updated with examples of good practice from other schools across the country and top tips for prioritising communication within a school environment. It is our aim to shape the network organically, obtaining feedback from senior leaders to ensure that the content we are delivering is as tailored to their needs as possible. We will also host Language Leader events later in the year, allowing members to meet up in an effort to forge stronger links between schools and settings and to share best practice around speech, language and communication.

For a taste of the kind of content that our Language Leaders receive, you can read our first newsletter here.

If you are interested in becoming a Language Leader, or you have any questions about the network, then please email languageleaders@thecommunicationtrust.org.uk or call Jack Williams on 0207 843 2564.