Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems

No Pens Day Wednesday Sharing Information 

e know from the fantastic feedback we've had from previous events that in many schools and settings, teachers are keen to use No Pens Day Wednesday as an opportunity to really showcase their existing skills and knowledge around supporting spoken language in the classroom. That's why this year it's over to you! We want to support those teachers and other school staff who have great ideas and effective lesson plans to share them with us and others through No Pens Day Wednesday via our website.


The process couldn't be simpler:

- If you haven't already, register to take part at www.thecommunicationtrust.org.uk/nopensdaywednesday

- Read and agree to the terms of use and fill in the short online form to upload your resource. You can share lesson plans, activity ideas, assembly ideas, ideas for engaging parents with spoken language activities and even information for staff.

- Your resource will then be looked over by a member of The Communication Trust's professional team to ensure it's No Pens Day Wednesday friendly and fine to share on our site

- Your resource will appear on the site for other registered No Pens Day Wednesday users to freely access!