Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems

Platform 3 for Childminders pilot

Level 3 Award in Supporting Children and Young People's Speech, Language and Communication

Laura's story

During the summer of 2015 Laura completed the Platform 3 award: Supporting Children and Young People's Speech, Language and Communication. She was unsure of what she was undertaking but knew it would be good CPD for her. She says "When I first logged onto the platform site it was alien to me having never done an online award before.  I struggled to work out what to do, however after a couple of weeks I had learnt the system and it became easier". As Laura was taking part in a pilot rollout of the award, time was tight. There was a lot of work in a short space of time and there were challenges fitting the learning around the day to day life of childminding and home life. She says "I did feel under pressure due to the deadlines, however looking back at it now I am glad they were there and I stuck to them".

Laura found the support that came with using Platform 3 very useful. The online site has a forum so learners can ask questions and speak to others doing the course which Laura appreciated. She was also grateful for other support mechanisms. She says "One of the other girls locally set up a Facebook page and that was really useful and supportive.  The online tutor support was great and I always got prompt replies to any questions I raised.  I found the studying got easier as I went along as long as I read through the objective and criteria for each element." The Award offers the opportunity for learners to demonstrate their knowledge via a tutor visit. Laura found this beneficial "After the initial concerns about being observed it was all fine and I found it really useful having someone different come into my setting and make comments and give feedback about what I was doing for the award and my general practice". 

Laura enjoyed the learning and found that it helped to reinforce her existing knowledge. She remembers "I found the work interesting and it reminded me of things I had forgotten so I feel it helped me improve my practice as I went along".   Although Laura found completion of the Award a challenge, and at times felt she may never achieve it, persevered. "I decided I had come too far to give up and so challenged myself to complete it.  I made the time and got on with the task in hand and when I had finished the final piece of work and I submitted it I felt so good". 

Looking back on it now Laura is glad she challenged herself as her learning from the qualification has impacted directly on her practice.  She says "It has made me review the way I talk to children and ask questions, and how I think about books and use them in order to help child best learn". And the benefits stretch beyond Laura to reach the parents she works with as she has developed leaflets to give to parents to help them understand the key points to speech language and communication.