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Interventions in practice - examples from practitioners

We warmly welcome examples from practitioners of how you have used particular interventions on What Works in your practice. Your perspective and experience as a practitioner is very valuable; these case studies help create a much fuller picture of an intervention and can be very helpful to others in making decisions about which interventions to use. You may also find it's a useful way of reviewing how things went!

Submitting a case study should be relatively straightforward and not too time-consuming - what we're looking for is a clear and objective description of your experience using a specific intervention, not a piece of academic research.

We have developed a template and guidance to help you. 

Please send any completed case studies to enquiries@thecommunicationtrust.org.uk, and do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like some assistance.


Examples from practitioners   

NB If contact details are provided within a case study, this means that authors are happy to be contacted to discuss further. 

Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme - please click here

Core Vocabulary - please click here

Core Vocabulary 2 - please click here

Metaphon - please click here

Makaton - please click here

Active Listening - please click here

Talking Time - please click here

Talk Boost - please click here

Colourful Semantics - please click here


Inclusion on What Works does not constitute an endorsement from the Moderating Group or The Communication Trust either for individual interventions or the organisations that produced them.

Please click here to read a disclaimer from The Communication Trust, which includes some important things to be aware of when using What Works.