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How do I submit an intervention?

Anyone can submit an intervention for review by the What Works Moderating Group at one of their quarterly meetings; in order to keep What Works as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible submissions and recommendations are very much encouraged.

The What Works Moderating Group

There is a robust and independent process in place to ensure quality and fairness of approach when making decisions on which interventions are included on What Works. A Moderating Group of academics review each new submission to the database and make a decision as to whether it should be included on the site. They will also categorise its current level of evidence as either 'indicative,' 'moderate,' or 'strong.' The members of the Moderating Group are:

  Emma           James YvonneAmit        Anne

             Ann Clark                             James Law                           Julie Dockrell                         Amit Kulkarni                    Anne Hesketh

Queen Margaret University     Newcastle University       UCL Institute of Education                    RCSLT              University of Manchester


If you would like a new intervention to be considered for inclusion, complete both the criteria for inclusion form and the submission form. Return both of these along with supporting materials to enquiries@thecommunicationtrust.org.uk.

For further information on evidence levels please see our support documents 1 and 2, which explain these in more detail. Our criteria guide is currently being updated.


Appeals process

There is an appeals process should those submitting interventions wish to dispute the decision of the Moderating Group. This is through completing this form, responding in detail to the specific feedback of the Moderating Group and including the evidence to support your appeal.



Inclusion on What Works does not constitute an endorsement from the Moderating Group or The Communication Trust either for individual interventions or the organisations that produced them.

Please click here to read a disclaimer from The Communication Trust, which includes some important information for intervention authors.