Good communication is the gateway to learning, friendships, academic achievement and success at work

Hello Communications Pack

Audience: Early years professionals, Primary professionals, Secondary professionals, parents

The information below was developed to help people find out more about the Hello campaign.

e-Communications Toolkit - suggestions for what you can add to websites, newsletters and social media sites

Facts and stats - check out the key figures on speech, language and communication

Introduction to Hello - a one page document that explains what the campaign is about

Hello key messages - key points about the campaign

Press release template - use this as a template for your own press releases

Quick guide to media work - a usual tool to help you navigate through the world of media

Hello FAQs - will answer questions you have about Hello

Hello presentation - a PowerPoint presentation that contains information about Hello to share with your contacts
Please click here to download the text only version
Please click here to download the pdf which includes images
Please e-mail to be sent the presentation in PowerPoint format which includes the images

Hello interactive calendar - for you to print and add your own events