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Early Voices, transforming lives through communication

Early Voices is a national professional development and training programme for health visitors to increase their knowledge in early speech language and communication development in order to achieve higher impact with the families that they work with. Health visitors can have an extremely positive impact on young children's speech, language and communication development and we are thrilled to be able to work directly with this crucial workforce.

The Early Voices programme has recruited Health Visitors to take on the role of ‘Communication Leader’ in their locality. Communication Leaders will receive a fully funded place on a Level 3 Award in speech, language and communication and additional training from The Communication Trust (TCT).  TCT training outlined the expected levels of early speech language and communication development, advice on how to share this information and evidence based strategies with parents and where to signpost parents to access further support. To broaden the reach of this knowledge, Communication Leaders will cascade their learning via two TCT designed sessions to their local early years networks.

To further embed knowledge, TCT will provide regular top tips on how to share information with parents, links to information and research of interest to the health visitor workforce via an interactive online portal. The portal will be used not only for TCT to share information with Communication Leaders, but also for the Leaders to communicate with TCT and each other.

The project is funded by Big Change (a philanthropic organisation) through their oracy funding programme. TCT have been funded from 2018 to deliver the programme to a total of 60 Health Visitors. This has be divided into two cycles of delivery aiming to reach two cohorts of 30 Health Visitors. This progamme is due to be completed within 2020.


What does Early Voices offer to Health Visitors?

  • A unique opportunity to gain free professional development and training from an experienced speech and language therapist to increase knowledge in speech, language and communication.
  • A recognised and accredited qualification via a fully funded place on a Level 3 Award via Platform 3
  • A chance to take on a local leadership role as a ‘Communication Leader’ amongst their early years network and facilitate training on speech, language and communication
  • An opportunity to develop good practice and reflect on and evaluate their own professional development in the area of speech and language and working with parents.


What does Early Voices offer to Health Visitor managers?

  • An opportunity to be part of an innovative national project evaluating and developing good practice for HVs in the area of speech and language.
  • An exclusive opportunity to accessfree specialist-ledcpd for a member of the team and to develop expertise
  • A chance to increase more general knowledge and expertise across the team to ensure better support for parents and children.
  • A chance to build more robust safeguarding measures by increasing identification of speech, language and communication delay/ needs and understanding the implications of this for effective management of safeguarding.

 The recruitment for this programme has now been completed. Thank you to all who applied.