Mini Triumph – Dave McDonald, SLT

What are you doing to support your approach to evaluation?

Designing evaluation for training

I have begun to use the What Works Training criteria to inform the plan for evaluation of our training programme for Health Visitors. Using criteria that has been set by academics ensures that the resulting design will be informed by expert advice.

I will also be developing a plan for analysis before collecting data, this ensures that data collection is all appropriate and linked to plan for analysis. It also means that there is a lower risk of missing useful data collection points during the programme.

Involving stakeholders

To further strengthen our plan for evaluation, we involved our stakeholders (a group of health visitors) about the measures and the timescales we had planned. Their feedback meant that we changed the timing of follow-up data collection points to make it more likely that participants would respond ie. will mean that hopefully we get more data and have a better evaluation.