Mini Triumph – Deputy Head Teacher, School for pupils with SEND (3-16yrs)

1) What are you doing to evaluate in your setting?

We are conducting a full action research project to measure the impact of an app on speech and interaction skills. We have had support from an academic by participating on TCT’s programme of academic support.

We’re involving our entire staff team to be active in this research project with the understanding that the skills that they’ve learned will be transferrable. To do this we are upskilling our school staff to use a range of scales and measures to assess the impact of an intervention. This includes observational analysis of video evidence and to be more skilled in ‘next step’ learning.

2) What do you think the impact of this will be?

The skills learned by staff will not only be applied to any other initiative which we introduce in school, but also equip staff and SALTs with a much more analytical approach to the plan, do and review systems which are currently in place within school.

We aspire to publish and present the results of our action research project at conferences in the future.