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What have you changed in the way that you evaluate? 

Developed a ‘Theory of Change’

At Elklan because we are trainers of staff that work with children and not directly intervening with an intervention package, we have always found it challenging to measure the effectiveness of the training programmes we offer on pupils.

To assess and change our approach to evaluation, we worked through the theory of change model. This helped us to understand how we were reaching our overall aim to improve speech, language and communication skills in children and young people through training of education staff. Doing this made us realise that robust evaluation of a training programme is possible and has forced us to ask the question, ‘How is this going to impact on the children or young people’ before we embark on the development of a new programme.

Reassessed the data that were collecting

We wanted to ensure that the data that we were collecting though our existing e-portfolios and evaluation forms were all the data that we needed for both current and future evaluation. To do this we reviewed and then completely re-designed the final evaluation form which all Elklan learners have to complete, checking that each question resulted in data that we needed to strengthen our evidence base. With around 6000 learners completing one or other of our training programmes every year that’s a lot of data that will contribute to evaluation of our programmes!

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