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Using the What Works database as a study tool

The Northwest Mainstream Schools Clinical Excellence network consists of Speech and Language Therapists and teachers with an interest in supporting children with SLCN in mainstream schools.  Members work for NHS Speech and Language Therapy departments; for local schools; independently and in the charity sector.   We meet 3 times and year and hold a study day every other year.  In 2016 we decided to use our study day as the start of a process whereby we would share information on evidenced interventions and plan together how we would implement them and evaluate them in our different places of work.  We used the What Works database to select two evidenced approaches to supporting vocabulary development.  The Lexicon Pirate and Pre-Teaching Vocabulary.

We invited Pip St John the author of PTV to our Study day but the only information we could find on the Lexicon Pirate in English was an academic paper and a YouTube video.  Members of our committee trialled the approach and presented the paper, video and their experiences of implementing the intervention on the study day. 

What was the impact of this?

Feedback from the day was very positive and members reported that they enjoyed the collaborative part of the day when we used the information presented to design our own approaches to vocabulary interventions. 

The next stage of our collaboration is to encourage members to implement evidenced approaches to vocabulary teaching in their work and to share their experiences of this with the wider membership.  We also plan to look at how we can evaluate this work and so contribute to the evidence base of what works for vocabulary teaching in schools.

Louisa Reeves

Natasha Carley

Claire Walker

Sara Caldwell

NWMSS CEN Committee