Scott Greathead (SLT) - Mini Triumph

1) What did you change about the way that you evaluate?

Starting early

A school that I was working with wanted to lead the evaluation of a training programme that we were developing. To ensure that evaluation was robust, the school set their outcomes around the change that they wanted to see in staff knowledge right at the beginning. 

Using a democratic approach

To set the outcomes, rather than have one person or myself, the commissioned provider set the outcomes and questionnaires to measure impact, they used a collaborative approach. This involved bringing together Therapists but also different members of teaching staff and senior leadership.

2) What impact did this have?

Setting outcomes at the beginning allowed the school to identify what they needed to measure and how best to do this early. This meant that the school community were aware of the aims of the training programme at the start and data collection was efficient as it was linked to measuring the outcomes.

Applying a democratic approach and involving a variety of roles within the team led to the school being more invested in conducting evaluation and measuring the change in knowledge and confidence that the training programme could have. It was particularly effective to have senior leadership be present throughout the evaluation process.

To document the findings from evaluation, the school developed an impact report that was shared with the entire school community, including Governors and OFSTED inspectors.