Talking Mats - Mini Triumph

1) What did you change about the way that you evidence/evaluate?

Using an outcomes chain

Talking Mats offers training to practitioners working with children. We developed an outcomes chain documenting how a potential change in practitioners’ attitudes, knowledge and learning will in turn impact the children. We used the chain to  review what we were measuring and why. We restructured the information we collect pre and post training so we can evidence impact at an organisational level.

Using existing evidence

We took time to search the literature regarding Best-practice interview skills in order to reference our work effectively and reflect on our approach.



2) What impact has this had on your organisation?

Using an outcomes chain was very helpful. It supported us to:

- sharpen our focus to collect evidence about the impact Talking Mats training had at an Organisational level,

- improve our understanding of the distinction between  direct and indirect beneficiaries- by upskilling the workforce we are in turn impacting the lives of children and young people,

- articulate the link between our outcomes and activities more clearly. 

Reviewing existing evidence paired with developing our outcomes chain led to change in how we were measuring against our outcomes also. We have now incorporated a test of change into our training day to ensure that participants have grasped principles from the day.